Thursday, December 30, 2010

Symbian Should Die for Good, Really

I have about 30 podcast feed subscriptions on my N5800 cell phone. Stuff like Scientific American, TED Talks, and classical music. Most of them update weekly or monthly so I have about one hour of stuff to listen to every day.

Today, when I was downloading new podcasts, it said "memory card (mine has 8 GB) full". What surprised me was that, instead of stopping the download, it automatically started to divert the downloads onto the internal flash memory (which it has only approx. 100 MB). In a less than a minute, the internal memory is also full. What surprised me even more was that, after I deleted some of the old downloads, and restarted the podcast app... whoops, all my subscriptions are gone.

I mean, the downloaded large mp3 files are still there on the card, but the list of feeds I had subscribed totally disappeared. Never have I realized that the notoriously crappy Nokia software is really this crap.

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