Saturday, March 03, 2007

I listen‘d, motionless and still

DG公司出版的Wilhelm Kempff于20世纪60年代演奏的贝多芬钢琴奏鸣曲全集的唱片说明书中,文章Kempff Plays Beethoven的最后一段看到。

In May 1957 Kempff paid a visit to Sibelius, who had only a few months to live. "Last time you played Beethoven's Hammerklavier Sonata for me. Please play it da capo for me today - or is that too much to ask?" Kempff wrote in Reisebilder eines Pianisten: "The man's gift of summoning up all his spiritual forces, even when listening, reaches across to me. It is as if I have become a runner in the Olympic relay: I take the flame from him and carry it onwards. It is during the Adagio, the most magnificent monologue Beethoven ever wrote, that it fully dawns on me that this is the only work which may fittingly be played for him, the great and lonely man of Järvenpää, at this hour. When I have finished, he says to me: 'You did not play like a pianist, you played like a human being.'"

读到这里,I listened to the third movement of the sonata da capo, then again and again repeatedly,十几分钟的慢板乐章反复缓缓流过,直到时间在周围凝固。Appassionato e con molto sentimento,贝多芬室内作品最长的一个乐章,他一生过后那些热情的伤感,于我还太遥远。我,大概只要愕然,默然,就足够了。

*标题自William WordsworthThe Solitary Reaper.

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